Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 photo output_L9Df7B_zpsb38684d4.gif  photo output_DOIbQ7_zps07295fb7.gif

 photo output_Z9CDCJ_zpsc4694dcc.gif

 photo output_ltP7zI_zps514fd4cb.gif

I'm fucking addicted to GIF recently. Things move make me high. 


Collar shirt : Bangkok
Kimono outwear : Fat Helen,Melbourne
Vintage skirt : Bandung bundle
Platform : YRU
Necklace: OS Accessories
Mickey sling bag : Bandung
Beret Hat : Beeyinalicious

Song of the day : Crystal Castles (full album)

I could literally listen to this over and over again

Not a fashion blogger, not a lifestyle blogger.... I post when i feel like it.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Song of the day: No Controles by Stereo Total

Top : Gash World from Lah Lah Land
Checker skirt : from Urbanscapes
Eyeball stocking : Beeyinalicious
Platform : Demonia from Lah Lah Land

No shit talk but fashion and music.